The Movie Studio, Inc. operates as a vertically integrated motion picture production and distribution company. It acquires, develops, produces, and distributes independent motion picture content for worldwide consumption in theatrical, video on demand, foreign sales, and on various media devices. The Movie Studio, Inc. is disrupting traditional media content delivery systems with its digital business model of motion picture distribution and intends direct server access of its content with geo- fractured territories for worldwide distribution. The company was formerly known as Destination Television, Inc. and changed its name to The Movie Studio, Inc. in November 2012. The Movie Studio, Inc. was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Gordon Scott Venters is President, CEO, Secretary & Director at The Movie Studio, Inc. and Director & Managing Member at Ventures Capital Partners LLC (a subsidiary of The Movie Studio, Inc.). The Movie Studio, Inc. is a first mover, digital disruptive, vertically integrated motion picture production and distribution Company focused on the independent motion picture sector with completed motion picture and production assets.

Mr. Gordon Scott Venters has served as President and CEO of Flash Entertainment, Inc. an independent feature film company located at Universal Studios Florida, where he was the Executive Producer of the feature film No More Dirty Deals” and multiple music videos. Mr. Venters also served as the President and Director of Quantum Entertainment, Inc., from 1989 to 1990, where he was the Executive Producer of two full length feature films, “Shakma” and “Shoot.” In his early career, he was a Series 7 & 63 financial advisor and a registered stockbroker with Prudential Securities, Inc. & F.D. Roberts Securities.


Mr. Gordon Scott Venters was involved in and responsible for financing, development, pre-production, production and post-production and distribution of the following recently released feature films: EXPOSURE, BAD ACTRESS and DANCING ON THE EDGE currently available on Comcast& AmazonPrime.

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